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Christian Newman - Executive Producer & CEO

Christian Newman, CEO

Christian Newman

Your marketing problems, solved.

As much as I'd love to, I can't help everyone though.

Here are some problems I can solve. If one of them keeps you up at night, tell me your story - because I'd love to hear it and discover if I can help.

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"My business is struggling. I need a marketing plan."

Embrace Marketing and the Internet to produce a breakthrough and finally gain the freedom you want

You have a business, but it feels more like a job. Your titles are CEO, CFO, HR, salesperson and customer service rep - all at the same time. You're struggling, and you don't know if you'll ever gain the freedom you went into business for.

The difference between giving yourself a job and creating a business that gives you freedom and accumulates value over time is marketing.

When you think of marketing, you think of traditional advertising - but that's expensive and doesn't work as well as it used to. Fortunately, marketing does not equal advertising. Thanks to the Internet, small businesses can become known, liked and trusted by more customers than ever. 

You want to get your business back on track. You want a better website that generates leads and sales, and to start marketing your business online. You want customers reviewing and recommending you on social media, and sending you referrals. You want systems to help you reduce costs and run your business from anywhere with ease.

Content marketing

"I want to market my business online. How do I get started with Content Marketing?"

Use the Internet to build an audience and attract customers like a magnet

Traditional advertising isn't work anymore, so you want to start marketing online. You've heard about Content Marketing - but don't know where to start. You're probably even asking "what's the big deal with Content Marketing?"

Content Marketing does what traditional marketing is supposed to do by giving people exactly what they want - helpful, educational, and even entertaining content. Quality content, not self-centred claims get shared on social media and ranked by Google, bringing you even more traffic, leads and sales.

Content Marketing starts by obsessively focusing on meeting the needs of ONE (your ideal) customer through generous delivery of quality content, custom-tailored products and an extraordinary customer experience. You'll increase traffic, build an audience, generate leads, convert sales, build customer relationships, and you'll discover a community amongst whom you've become known, liked, trusted, and recommended. 

Help your customer on their journey by making them the focus, not you, produce content that answers their questions, provides helpful information and resources and they'll begin to know, like and trust you enough to buy.

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"I want to start my own business, but I need help."

Turn your passion or idea into a business and finally say goodbye to the daily grind

Every morning you wake up and it's there - that burning desire to start your own business. 

You tell yourself "someday," but the dream follows you everywhere. On your commute, mind-numbing traffic fans your entrepreneurial flame. At work, you spend your day building someone else's dream, not yours. At night, you go to bed aware yet another day has gone by without living the life you want to live.

Today, you're taking action! It's time you turn your big idea into a vision and a product. It's time to build your business platform, attract an audience, generate sales, and delight your customers. It's time to work wherever, and whenever you want. It's time to finally grow your business, build your dream and gain the freedom you desire.


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