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Over 7 lessons, we cover everything you need to build the business you've always wanted including how to:

  • Build a website and online platform that accumulates value over time
  • Attract customers like a magnet using content marketing and social media
  • Design an amazing experience that keeps your customers coming back and lets you run your business with ease
  • Produce an unfair advantage so you can achieve your vision faster and more profitably

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Here's what we do:

Content marketing

Content Marketing

Build an audience and attract customers like a magnet. 

If you want to improve the way you market your business, you must have heard about Content Marketing. Ever wondered what the big deal is, though? You guessed it, I'm going to tell you.

Content Marketing does what traditional marketing is supposed to do by giving people exactly what they want - educational, and sometimes, down right entertaining content that answers their questions so they'll know, like and trust you enough to buy. It's also quality content, not self-centred claims that get shared on social networks and ranked by Google, bringing you even more traffic, and more business.

Customer marketing

Customer Marketing

Make your customer the hero, not you, and turn sales into relationships that last. 

Who's your ideal customer? If you know the answer, great! If not, choose one. That's right, one. Narrowly and borderline obsessively focus on meeting that customer's needs through generous delivery of quality content, custom-tailored products and services, and the absolute best possible experience you can provide. Then, watch leads turn into sales, sales turn into lasting business relationships, and discover a community amongst whom you've become known, liked, trusted, and recommended. 

Help your customer on their journey by making them the focus, not you, and relentlessly contributing to them meeting their goals, and you'll discover your goals met, along the way.

Business strategy

Business Strategy

Produce your unfair advantage and achieve your dream faster and more profitably than you imagined.

Do you sometimes wonder whether your business strategy is still relevant in today's new, perpetually-accelerating and changed world? Please say 'yes,' because businesses who are constantly learning, adapting and accepting the calls to adventure made by new technologies and changes in market, society and culture, will be the first to act on, and benefit from, the new opportunities they reveal.

If you want to see your business from a new perspective, think different and take action to get in on the opportunity, we're can help. If you're not ready to expose your business (and yourself!) to scrutiny and make positive change, don't apply. This may sound harsh, but we only want to work with businesses that are ready now.


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